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Dignified living….

But what does it really mean? A roof over your head? Four walls to provide protection from the cold and potential threat of wild animals? What about privacy? Privacy for you and your children, away from the peeping, prying eyes of passersby, and the occasional cud-chewing cow, or cheeky goat.

For most community members in rural Rarieda, the concept of dignified living is more of a distant dream than an acknowledgment of their rights as citizens, including the right to human dignity, and with it, the right to dignified living.

This last month two families’ dreams of dignified living became a reality thanks to our long term supporters – Rolf and Renate Mengel of Ingelheim, Germany. Thanks to this generous couple, the families have taken the first step in leading dignified lives in a community where they previously could not hold their heads up high.

Much appreciation to the 2019 Soferino group for your enthusiasm and labor support in the construction of the homes!


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