2022 Annual Report




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Message from Executive Director & Founding Trustee

Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust

Strategic Pillars

2022 Project Overview

Strategic Pillar: Community Wellness

Strategic Pillar: Dignified Livelihoods

Rights and Civic Engagement

Rarieda Training & Resource Centre

Financial Highlights


Featured Stories

Gender Based Violence Awareness

Gender Based Violence Awareness

According to the World Health Organization, one third of women worldwide have experienced violence; the high prevalence of violence is linked with higher rates of HIV infection.

Klaris Awino Achieng

Klaris Awino Achieng

Klaris is a widow from Lusi village and a member of the pioneer cohort of Street Business School. A year after graduation, she is operating a second business of selling fish, made possible by her savings and borrowings from her local VSLA group.

The Solar Power Difference

The Solar Power Difference

Somewhere in Masala Got stands a grass thatched house, surrounded by the most beautiful natural stone landscape. Inside the house await three giggling siblings and their mother.