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How You Can Help
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01. Sponsor a Child

Young people should be filled with hope, where they can look to a future where their talents are developed and they can live fulfilling lives.

Sponsor a child through school to help us harness their talents and transition them out of the circle of poverty and into a circle of social participation, contribution, fulfillment and independence.

Show Up

02. Be a Volunteer

Each and every person has skills and talents. Would you like to share yours? We welcome your engagement – whether on site or remotely.

You can help us build and sustain our skills to better serve our children, youth and communities.

Give Back

03. Make a Donation

You can make a difference. When you make a gift, you will receive an email with a profile on the lives who are being transformed by our programs. Will you make a small donation today?

Speak Up

04. Spread the Word

How can we help you spread the word? Let us know if there is anything you need to help strike up conversations with peers or your organizations.

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